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Woodworking&Metalworking Machinery

General is an innovator and manufacturer of woodworking, metalworking,
power equipment solutions. Delivering value to our customers with durable,
high-quality machinery engineered to outperform the competition.
The Excalibur product line has come to represent our best, cutting-edge,
industry-changing technology.

Our industry-leading 3-year limited warranty reflects the quality level of
General products and our commitment to delivering exceptional support and service. Before shipping our products to your door, each machine is inspected and approved for shipment by our quality control engineers.

We welcome your feedback and strive to create reliable products and support resources in our never-ending quest for superior service and continuous improvement.

Warranty Statement and Policy:

  Commercial General™ (Green Line) & Excalibur™ (Black Line) branded products:  3 -YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY 

All products are warranted for a period of 3 years (36 months) from the date of purchase. General™ agrees to repair or replace any part or component 

which upon examination, proves to be defective in either workmanship or material or parts and labor to the original purchaser during this 3-year warranty period, 

subject to the “conditions and exceptions” as listed below. Repairs made without the written consent of General will void the warranty 

EXTEND YOUR WARRANTY:  Register your new General™ or Excalibur™ within 60 days of your purchase and get an extended 2 years, for a total of 5 years, of warranty coverage.  

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DISCLAIMER: Because we are committed to making constant improvements, General™ reserves the right to make changes to components, parts or features of this unit as deemed necessary, 

without prior notice and without obligation to install any such changes on previously delivered units. Reasonable care is taken at the factory to ensure that the specifications and 

information in this manual corresponds with that of the unit with which it was supplied. 

TO FILE A CLAIM: To file a claim under our Standard 3 -year Limited Warranty, all defective parts, components or machinery must be returned freight or postage prepaid to General™, 

or to a nearby distributor, repair center or other location designated by General™. For further details call our service department at 1-844-877-5234 or  

Along with the return of the product being claimed for warranty, a copy of the original proof of purchase and a “letter of claim” must be included (a warranty claim form can 

also be used and can be obtained, upon request, from General™ or an authorized distributor) clearly stating the model and serial number of the unit (if applicable) and including 

an explanation of the complaint or presumed defect in material or workmanship.  

CONDITIONS AND EXCEPTIONS: This coverage is extended to the original purchaser only. Prior warranty registration is not required but documented proof of purchase, 

i.e. a copy of original sales invoice or receipt showing the date and location of the purchase as well as the purchase price paid, must be provided at the time of claim.  

Warranty does not include failures, breakage or defects deemed after inspection by General™ to have been directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from; improper use, 

or lack of or improper maintenance, misuse or abuse, negligence, accidents, damage in handling or transport, or normal wear and tear of any generally considered consumable 

parts or components. Repairs made without the written consent of General™ will void all warranty. This five-year warranty does not cover products used for commercial, 

industrial or educational purposes. The warranty term for these claims will be limited to a two-year period.